Scheduling a Guided Tour of the Visitor Center:

Thank you for your interest in bringing a group to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center. A two-week notice is recommended in scheduling a guided tour. Please complete the online form located on the Register Now page to schedule your visit. Once your form is submitted, we will confirm the date and time for your group visit within 1-2 business days.


What to Expect:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center is a public space where you can see and learn about the foundation's work and its efforts to help people around the world live healthy and productive lives. When you visit, you will find four interactive galleries that tell compelling stories about the work of our grantees and partners. We offer an optimistic experience that encourages both reflection and civic engagement.


Guided tours are discussion-driven and incorporate the interactive exhibits. We recommend planning for a 60-90 minute visit. For school groups we strongly recommend a 90-minute tour. Your group is welcome to stay beyond your tour for a self-guided experience.


Themed Tours are also available to help guide your experience. If you would like your tour tailored to one of the themes listed below please make a note of it in the comments section on the registration page.
Grades K-5:

Making the World a Better Place: My Community

This tour focuses on everyday opportunities that can empower young people to contribute to their communities. Through stories, activities, videos, and group discussions about needs within their schools and neighborhoods, students learn that improving the world begins at home, in their local context. Students also work in small groups to identify and explore solutions for an issue important to them. Focusing on young people’s emerging sense of themselves and their communities, the tour encourages the development of agency, empathy, and positive-change making. 

Goal:  Explore how “the global is local” and how students can make a positive impact. 

All Live Have Equal Value

This tour gives young people a window to the world and insight into the challenges faced by families in different global contexts. Through the stories of people who rely upon smallholder farms to feed and sustain their families and who are uniquely vulnerable to disease and malnutrition, students are given the building blocks for cross-cultural understanding. They also gain a sense of the benefit that simple solutions like vaccines offer to drastically improve living conditions worldwide, as they hear about the foundation, its founders and mission.

Goal: Help students imagine being part of a global community.

Grades 6-12:
Making the World a Better Place: Take Action

This tour encourages students to be active global citizens and positive change makers by thinking about how to make the world a better place.  Learning about the foundation and its partners will also provide a glimpse of the kinds of work students might one day pursue to become a positive change maker.

Goal:  Help youth see their potential as positive change agents.
Learning into Action
Drawing upon science and technology, this tour explores the benefits that strategic thinking and problem solving have to offer global health challenges. Ideal for students of science and history alike, the tour presents case studies—such as the global fight to end polio—that introduce students to practical applications of disciplinary skills that bring about enormous change.

Goal:  Explore innovations and apply problem solving skills to global problems.

All Live Have Equal Value
Drawing upon students’ developing ideas about social institutions and civic structures, this tour invites students to think about problems related to global health and poverty—such as food security, health care,  and education—and to understand the complexities involved in responding to those problems. Through learning about the initiatives at the Gates Foundation, students are introduced to ways that schools, governments, businesses and agencies can successfully partner together to develop innovative solutions.

Goal: Inspire students to think of themselves as global citizens.

Paths of Progress: Bill Gates 2013 Annual Letter

This tour explores Bill's 2013 Annual Letter by sharing stories of progress in global health, family planning, and education. It offers snapshots of the most pressing challenges that the Gates Foundation has targeted in their mission to help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life.   Focusing on the ways that education and learning can enable positive change, the tour illustrates how new tools for measurement have made an impact on improving lives worldwide.
Goal: Understand progress towards global health and poverty issues.

Hours & Location:



The Visitor Center is located at 440 5th Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109

Tour Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Admission is free

Contact Information:

(206) 709-3100 x7100