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Using the ACH Network:
Risk and Compliance Workshop
                     Sponsored by the Compliance and Retail Delivery Networks
May 1, 2013
Credit Union Center
Marlborough, MA
Speaker: Sean Carter, AAP
Adopting sound business practices to help manage your risk and to remain compliant with the NACHA Operating Rules and applicable regulations is crucial to your Credit Union’s successful use of the ACH Network. This workshop is designed to help you understand and mitigate the risks associated with ACH processing as well as identify processes that will allow the credit union to comply with all pertinent rules and regulations that apply to ACH transactions. Attend this workshop and walk away with:
  • Tips on establishing appropriate risk procedures, systems and controls.
  • An understanding on how to manage the risks of ACH origination.
  • An understanding of the most recent risk management requirements and guidance by regulators.
  • An understanding of how compliance plays a role in the processing of ACH from Regulation E to UCC 4A we will cover the alphabet soup of regulations!
  • Sound practices related to compliance that will play a key role in overall risk management.
  • An understanding of the impact that compliance has in providing superior member service.
  • Clarity on how compliance can improve overall operational effectiveness.
  • An understanding of the importance of reading into the results of your audits and risk assessments.