Fall 2012 Meeting
Meeting Theme
Managing for Successful Relationship Outcomes

The University of Kentucky and Lexmark would like to welcome you to Lexington for the Fall 2012 UIDP meeting. The intention for the meeting is that it leads to a sharing of views that help universities and industry to become more effective at satisfying our respective missions and at leveraging successful collaborations.

The meeting is structured around issues that can make or break collaboration between Industry and Universities. Special focus will be given to the area of software and business process management throughout the conference.  For example, the pre-meeting software negotiations workshop will address issues such as time to market of a product, solution or services in this field and how it impacts contract negotiations.  
The second pre-meeting workshop will focus on issues that are most prevalent in the negotiating agreements in advanced manufacturing from improving existing processes, product development, materials, performance, flexibility and products to lowering costs by increasing throughput and reducing materials use and life-cycle energy cost.  Strategies for the timely contracts negotiation will be introduced and discussed in an open environment that encourages full participation from workshop participants.   
Strategies for handling university-industry collaboration issues will be discussed during the meeting in a panel format, followed by a discussion session. The first panel is focused on effectively making new contacts, and sharing needs and skill sets in order to develop relationships. It will be preceded by a keynote speech on how to incorporate social media into your approach. A subsequent panel on measures and metrics will help define ways to evaluate the collaboration according to the differing missions of industry and university organizations. Since intellectual property is always a sticking point between industry and universities, there is a panel on how to structure your patent portfolio, useful in developing a portfolio marketing plan. There will be a keynote speech, followed by a panel discussion, on when and how to patent in the field of software and business process management. Finally, there will be a keynote speaker and panel discussion on mechanisms to attract high tech businesses. This should be of interest to universities for placement of their graduates in these businesses, and it should be of interest to industry because of the rich pool of talent these businesses attract.



Rebecca Silveston-Keith, PhD Lexmark International

Taunya Phillips, University of Kentucky



Dear UIDP Colleagues and Friends:

I am so pleased that UIDP member Lexmark has agreed to serve as Lead Host for the Fall 2012 meeting. During its start-up phase, the UIDP leadership recognized the value of taking its meetings on the road. This serves several purposes; this allows us to visit different venues and see unique assets located in the communities we visit. For example, we have been to Boeing airplane manufacturing sites, Monsanto greenhouses and Rutgers Cell and DNA Repository. By strategically rotating regions, the UIDP is able to attract a different set of attendees for each event and increase the value proposition of hosting a meeting. Meetings also take on the “local flavor” of the hosts and each meeting theme is set by the local organizing team. For example, this meeting has a decidedly manufacturing and software flavor reflecting the strong traditions of the host and the region.

As a membership organization committed to continually improving the culture of university-industry relationships and increasing the number and breadth of mutually beneficial research collaborations, the UIDP is committed to enhancing the Nation’s competitiveness through deepened understanding and cooperation. We can only do that by having the support of the UIDP members, our other partners in the private and public sectors and our convener The National Academies and the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable. If you are not currently member, I invite you to join us on our journey – I know that you will enjoy the ride.


Anthony Boccanfuso, Executive Director UIDP

Organizing Committee

Taunya Phillips, CoHost: Asst VP, Commercialization & Economic Development

Commercialization Executive, College of Engineering

A248 ASTeCC Building

University of Kentucky
Rebecca Silveston-Keith, PhD, Global University Research Collaborations
Lexmark International

Eric Grulke, PhD: Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

Chemical & Materials Engineering

University of Kentucky

Sharell Mikesell, Associate Vice President - Industry Liaison Office

Office of Research

The Ohio State University

Dorothy Air, PhD: Associate Vice President for

Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization

University of Cincinnati and Vice President of Operations

CincyTech USA