The Laws of Checks,
Check Loss Prevention and Recovery  

May 7, 2014
Credit Union Center 
Marlborough, MA 

At this all day program attendees will learn about the laws of checks and share drafts, the check payment and return system and how to prevent and resolve all key nonpayment and fraud loss problems that arise from checks written or deposited by members in that system. 

The program will address all the critical check nonpayment and fraud loss problems, which include:

  Understand all types of checks
  Stop payment orders and related liability issues for members and your
     credit union
  Closed accounts (and no accounts)
  Stale-dated and post-dated checks (and myths about payment)
  Insufficient funds and overdraft rules (and critical requirements for ODP
  Alterations (and unknown large loss problems)
  Counterfeit checks vs. checks with forged drawer’s signatures 
  Forged endorsements (and unknown large loss problems)
  Forged drawer’s signatures 
  Defenses to, liability for, and timelines pertaining to all check nonpayment
     and check fraud issues

Additionally you will learn about all types of endorsements (that every teller and branch manager must know), and critical different roles your credit union plays in the check payment and return system. Finally we’ll address the key loss-prevention tools every teller (and branch manager) must know, as well as debunking numerous myths about checks that cost financial institutions millions of dollars in losses annually. The information presented at this program is critical in preparing for the proposed Regulation CC updates. If you want to help your employees provide better service and prevent tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in potential check losses, they need to be at this program!
Excellence Guaranteed!
If you don’t think this is one of the best programs you’ve ever attended, and you don’t learn a number of tips that will help your credit union achieve all its key goals of providing excellent service and save thousands dollars in expenses on loss prevention and recovery, we will refund your registration