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            The Bio-Diesel Workshop’s objective is to enable people to save their hard earned money by gaining independence from the gas pump. Information about bio-diesel has not been easily obtained.  However, we have mastered a method that has proven to be accurate and easy. We have been studying and producing bio-diesel for over four years and currently only use B100 (100% Bio-Diesel) in all our diesel engines.  Now we are willing to share this valuable information with anyone who wants it. 

The Bio-Diesel Workshop consists of seven key players. All of our members are qualified and well informed about the entire process.  One of our goals is to make this workshop as informative as possible, so we have selected members who are most comfortable speaking and great with teaching. The information given at the workshop is not theirs alone but is a combination of research collected from all seven members.  

            Fortunately the process never changes, so one step is always followed by the same step. This makes it easy to state the procedure and give the participants a rubric. With that being stated, your instructor will consistently give the information that is standard and used by The Bio-Diesel Workshop. Absolutely no deviation will occur. 

            Our members are Chandria West, Pierrie Holland, Joshua Martin, Takuma Hagood, Tony Banks, Yvette Ynez, and Delmar Hall. Among us are graduates from Georgia State University, Xavier University, and Cheyney University. Majors range from sociology to biology. It only made sense after being enlightened about the benefits of bio-diesel that a sociologist and biologist would be motivated to help the environment and mix some chemicals.  

 All of our members use bio-diesel in their vehicles and are having great experiences with it. Some of our members use bio-diesel in their generators and bobcats which allows them to save money on their construction projects. The fishermen use bio-diesel in their boats as well. 

Most importantly, for years we have experienced not having to pay for diesel at the pump and after your attendance at The Bio-Diesel Workshop, you will experience the same relief.