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Language and Culture Summit:

A Strategic Imperative

Welcome to the website for the Language and Culture Summit: A Strategic Imperative.  The purpose of the Summit is to discuss and promote bold and innovative ideas for enhancing language, regional and cultural (LRC) capabilities within the Department and throughout the nation to strengthen our operational readiness, as well as to enhance our international partnerships.

The Summit will consist of presentations and panel discussions addressing key language, regional and cultural topics that are crucial for the Department’s success across the full spectrum of operations. Speakers will discuss the development of LRC skills ranging from the education of pre-K through 12th grade students to the training of Department personnel; the demand for both a cadre of LRC specialists with high levels of proficiency and a broad range of proficiency throughout the General Purpose Force; and the role of LRC capabilities in fostering international partnerships, as well as in promoting interoperability.  

Each of you brings unique knowledge and experience that will greatly enrich the discussion. The challenge to you during the plenary and panel sessions is to propose, discuss, and identify creative solutions for enhancing and leveraging language, regional, and cultural capabilities across the Department, the nation, and the international community.  

Thank you for your interest in the summit. Your support and participation are critical to the success of this transformative event.

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