Public Radio Programming Conference
September 17th – 19th, 2013
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia
Now, more than ever, Program Directors are flooded with reams of data while constantly being exposed to new opportunities (or risks) in this ever-changing world of media. And from this fast moving torrent, Program Directors must find programming that creates and reinforces a loyal and engaged audience while also paying full attention to the station’s bottom line.
More than 500 of your peers will gather in Atlanta to make sense of all of this information and to sort through best practices, new data and the ever-shifting landscape of the new media environment. No one event will do more to help you perform better in your job than the 2013 PRPD Public Radio Programming Conference.
We fill your airwaves with the most current and relevant information from industry icons; inspire you with our thought leaders and provide insight into the latest trends in media, technology and culture. Our goal is to send you back to your station with the tools you need to navigate these times as well as underscore the importance of delivering compelling content that touches listeners. Today’s Program Directors have to be adept at both. At PRPD’s Public Radio Programming Conference, we help you get there!
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About PRPD

In the mid-1980s a group of public radio program directors started talking about the need for an organization that would help them, and all PDs, with their jobs. They wanted to improve the service they provided their listeners by honing their programming skills and professionalizing the role of PDs throughout the public radio system.
Formed as a result of that conversation, PRPD serves a number of functions:
  • Provide PDs with good, successful, hands-on advice about improving their stations and their programming
  • Provide opportunities for programmers to get together and discuss their craft
  • Act as a clearing house for information about what was going on in public radio, as well as the rest of the
    broadcasting industry, and
  • Serve as an advocate for program directors and their perspective on important public radio issues.
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PRPD is pleased to collaborate with AIR on this year's conference.
The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR), was born in 1988 by a group of ten independent producers sitting around a kitchen table on Murray Street in New York. The organization has since grown into a global social and professional network of 900+ producers – both independent and those employed by media organizations – representing an extensive range of disciplines, from NPR news journalists and reporters, to sound artists, station station-based producers, podcasters, gearheads, media activists, and more. The medium of sound is what unites our membership, and in this 21st century world, AIR’s members are rapidly diversifying and expanding their craft as they cut new edges in digital public media.
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