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As an Exhibitor and Vendor, you have the extraordinary opportunity to interface with over 200 participants from across the 50 states in attendance at the 2012 National Underground Railroad onference. A key feature of the Exhibitor/Vendor area is that is placed central to the activities of the conference allowing for the greatest exposure to the conference attendees. The breakfasts will be held each morning in the exhibit area for one-on-one interaction between you and the attendees.
Each Exhibitor and Vendor is required to register and pay the appropriate fee not later than close of business May 7, 2012. By doing so, you ascribe to the General Information, Rules and Regulations herein. Sharing of space without expressed permission is strictly prohibited.


The Exhibitor or Vendor display utilizes the contracted space in such a manner that recognizes the rights of attendees and other Exhibitors and Vendors at the Conference. The display should conform to the overall pattern developed by the Conference Event Planner consistent with the policies of the National Park Service, Network to Freedom Program.
DISPLAY AREA: Pre-fabricated displays will be placed in the exhibit area in a manner that conforms to the overall pattern developed by the Conference Event Planner. All other displays shall be on six foot draped table(s) that will be provided along with two chairs and appropriate signage. No constructed display or sign or advertising materials may be placed outside of the assigned display area.

LIGHTING: We reserve the right to restrict the use of floodlights or spots in connection with the display.

The Exhibitor or Vendor is responsible for keeping the display area pleasant and sightly. Materials displaying an unfinished surface to neighboring Exhibitors, Vendors or the Conference attendees are not permitted. Exhibitors and Vendors are responsible for removal of excessive amounts of inventory, trash and packing materials during the Conference hours.
AISLES: Aisles belong to the Conference and may not be used for display by any Exhibitor or Vendor. All business must be conducted within the assigned area.
HOURS OF OPERATION: Installation, operations and dismantling times shall be posted. Installation shall be permitted between 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20. The hours of operation shall be established by the Conference Event Planner. Exhibitors and Vendors are required to man their respective displays during the hours the Exhibit Hall is open: Wednesday, Noon – 6:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 p.m., and Saturday, 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. Dismantling will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 11:00 am – 3 p.m.
FIRE REGULATIONS: All materials shall be fire resistant. Exhibitors and Vendors shall not have more than one day’s supply in its display area. All hangings must clear the floor. Electrical wiring must conform to National Electrical Code Safety rules and the regulations of the St. Johns County Convention Center. If inspection indicates the Exhibitor or Vendor has neglected to comply with these rules or regulations, or otherwise incurred a fire hazard, the Conference Event Planner reserves the right to cancel all or part of the display as warranted. In the event of cancellation, the Conference Event Planner, the St. Johns County Convention Center, and related exhibit management contractors are not liable for any refunds or rental or other display related to Exhibitor or Vendor’s expenses.
SAFETY AND HEALTH: All Exhibitors and Vendors must comply with all safety and health ordinances regarding installation, dismantling, and operation of their display.
STORAGE: Exhibitors and Vendors shall provide needed storage within its own display area. Storage is not provided by the Conference but may be directly negotiated with the St. Johns County Convention Center.

Any expenses incurred in the preparation, shipping, installation or dismantling of the display shall be borne by the Exhibitor or Vendor. Any expenses relating to operation of the display during the Conference shall be borne by the Exhibitor or Vendor. An AV Order Kit is available by clicking AV.

The fee for each display area is based upon the type of organization requesting participation. The fee includes the prepared display area described. Fees must be paid in full to "ASALH" no later than close of business May 7, 2012. The display areas are assigned on a first come, first served basis. A confirmation indicating date of receipt of funds, display area assignment, final conference agenda and any other Conference updates shall be provided by the Conference Event Planner. Exhibitors and Vendors shall be accepted on an availability basis after May 7, 2012.

EXHIBITOR – displays informational or educational materials only $50

VENDOR – displays for sale of products or services $250

All Exhibitors and Vendors are invited to participate in the Opening and Welcome Reception. However, this registration fee does not include admission to conference sessions or meal functions. A Full registration or Day Registration participant package or individual event tickets must be purchased to participate in these events.

A refund of the Exhibitor or Vendor fee can be obtained provided written notification for request of cancellations is received no less than June 4, 2012.


The Exhibitors and Vendors agree to release and indemnity the National Park Service, ASALH, the Conference Event Planner, St. Johns County Convention Center and their contractors and agents and hold them harmless from any suit or claim for property damage or personal injury by whomsoever sustained including by not limited to the Exhibitor or Vendor arising out of their participation in the Conference but not limited to such damage or injury resulting from negligence from one or more of the aforementioned indemnities.


National Park Service:
Dr. Turkiya Lowe
SER Program Manager
Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program
National Park Service
Atlanta Federal Center
100 Alabama Street SW, 1924 Building
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 507-5830 Phone and (404) 562-3200 Fax
Conference Event Planner:
Quinta Martin
2225 Georgia Avenue NW, Suite 331
Washington, DC 20059
(216) 577-0349 Phone