The Center for Complex Operations is pleased to invite you to the
 7th International Lessons Learned Conference 

For Practitioners and Policy Makers
Sharing Lessons on the Conduct and Design of Stability Operations
Where: The National Defense University
Washington, D.C. 20319
When: 30 November - 2 December 2011
Objectives of the Conference 

n   Identify lessons and develop guidelines for the conduct and design of stability operations in conflict environments in the following areas: 

·         Political transitions;

·         Local security;

·         Population-focused intelligence; and

·         Economic engagement

n   Identify lessons and guidelines for the conduct of disaster relief and humanitarian crises

n   Assess planning and training practices for stability operations with a view toward identifying best practices in promoting civil-military integration, international collaboration, and public-private partnerships

n   Share methods and tools for the indentification and dissemination of lessons, and discuss ways to improve integration of lessons into doctrine, training, and policy
The cost of this event will be $170.00 USD to cover meals for all three days. To register, view
the agenda, and see our administration packet, please visit the links above.

Prospective conference registrants who do not already possess a U.S. visa or who are nationals of countries which do not fall under the U.S. visa waiver program should consult their local U.S. Embassy consular section to determine whether or not they need to obtain a visa to enter the United States to attend the conference. All participants should check with the US embassy on requirements for entering the United States.

If you have any questions, please email, (underscore separates words) or by clicking on the Contact link above.