Mortgage Lending 101

March 19, 2014
Credit Union Center 
Marlborough, MA 

New consumer protection measures in the area of mortgage lending are in place. The "Ability-to-Repay" and "Qualified Mortgage" rules are intended to focus the mortgage lending community on a "back-to-basics" approach.  One that requires reasonable, good faith cost estimates and common sense lending decisions.  These new regulations are not only about protecting consumers. The regulations are also intended to provide long term benefit to the mortgage market.

Mortgage lending 101 will provide individuals new to mortgage lending and those who would like a refresher with a solid overview of the mortgage process.  This all-day program will include discussions on:  

  • Different mortgage products 
  • Processing a mortgage from A-Z, including the qualifying borrowers, application, documentation and verification, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac qualified loans private mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance and basic underwriting issues
  • Regulatory compliance including the new consumer protection measures
  • Advantages and techniques for making mortgage

The presenters will be a panel of mortgage specialists with more than 59 years mortgage lending experience, from Allanach Mortgage Group The panelists include:

  • Michael Allanach, Vice President, Sales & Business Development
  • Mary Dolciotto, Vice President, Internal Operation
  • Justin Calheno, Business Development
  • Tracey Caraballo, Processing Manager

Many people dream of owning their own home, but the high cost of homes generally requires a home mortgage to make this become a reality.  And in todays financial environment increasing rates coupled with fewer homes on the market and new consumer protection measures make it more challenging for financial institutions to make that dream come true.  Register and learn how to make this happen.