Conference Topic: Continuity of Care

This Indiana Healthcare Leadership Conference will focus on the continuity of care, specifically in long term care.
This Conference will provide tools and resources to assist you in ensuring continuity of care for residents.

About the Leadership
The Indiana Healthcare Leadership Conference is an 
on-going initiative of the Indiana State Department of 
Health (ISDH). Each Conference is a one-day event 
focusing primarily on a single issue.
The Leadership Conferences, which began in June 
2007, have grown in attendance from 720 participants
to over 1200 participants. Attendees have been treated 
to outstanding presentations on falls management, 
reduction of pressure ulcers, behavior management and 
reduction of restraints, emergency preparedness
planning and managing incontinence care, staffing issues,
and healthcare associated infections. A variety of
educational and practical resources on all these topics
were provided at each conference.
The conferences are intended to bring together statewide 
healthcare leaders to promote important quality of care 
issues. This conference will include providers from long 
term care, state surveyors, healthcare organizations, and 
individuals with significant interests in healthcare.
Invited Participants
The ISDH invites each comprehensive care facility 
(nursing home) to send two representatives to the 
conference. Each facility  may select the individuals 
attending the conference on behalf of their facility. The
ISDH recommends individuals such as the facility
administrator, director of nursing, compliance officer,
or other members of your patient safety team. 
Corporate offices of facilities are also invited to send 
appropriate representatives.

The ISDH will also be inviting selected professional 
organizations and individuals to attend the conference.
Invited organizations will include the Alzheimer's 
Association of Greater Indiana, HealthCare Excel, 
Hoosier Owners and Providers for the Elderly, Indiana 
Health Care Association, Indiana Hospital Association, 
Leading Age Indiana, Indiana Ombudsman, patient 
safety coalitions and centers, and United Senior Action. 
The ISDH will also be inviting academic and legislative 
partners. ISDH long term care surveyors will be 
Conference Funding
The Conference is primarily funded through the ISDH
civil money penalty fund. A small registration fee of
$50 will be charged to pay for meeting costs that cannot
be paid by the civil money penalty fund.

Hotel Information
There are numerous hotels in the immediate vicinity 
of the Indiana Convention Center. Visit for list of hotels and to check 
availability. Participants are responsible for making 
their hotel reservations and any incurred expenses.
Conference Location
Sagamore Ballroom
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46225