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Welcome to Connect 2013 - Elster's annual premier training event.                  

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Improve your skills, extend your knowledge, and energize your team! Featuring two full days of training workshops and two full days of conference sessions, all devoted to making you and your team stronger users of your Elster systems, including the EnergyAxis System, EI Server as well as solutions from Elster’s Partners.
Workshops allow you to design a course of study that best meets your needs. With up to five different sessions every hour, you are guaranteed to get the best value from your training dollars!
Connect 2013 offers you the opportunity to pack two days full of information highly targeted to your needs. You’ll share workshops with your peers, giving you a rare opportunity to learn how other utilities are addressing challenges similar to yours. Since your registration includes breakfast, lunch and a welcome reception, it’s an incredible value.
It's an event that is dedicated to providing best practices and strategies from Elster, Elster partners, utilities worldwide, and key industry experts. New for 2013:
  • Schedule flexibility: Attend the entire event or just the portion best fitted to your schedule and interests.
  • Expanded participation: In addition to Elster EnergyAxis solutions, the 2013 event includes Elster EnergyICT EI Server, and more water and gas sessions.
  • Double the training: Two full days of training. 70+ hours of opportunities. 42 unique classes. In depth for experts. Introductory for new users.

No matter what your role is, how your utility is organized, or the status of your system deployment, Connect 2013 will give you a wealth of new ideas, great solutions, and a network of useful connections.

Whatever your interests, you’ll gain real value through in-depth training options and case study sessions on topics such as security, standards, energy efficiency and demand response, as well as grid modernization and distribution automation solutions.

Key event features

  • Keynote presentations by top industry professionals.
  • Relevant case studies featuring innovative projects implemented at electric, water and gas utilities
  • Special panel discussions on key issues such as grid modernization, security, and system future-proofing
  • Two full days of EnergyAxis training and workshops to help you dive deep into the topics that interest you most
  • Extensive networking opportunities with your utility peers from worldwide utilities as well as industry experts and Elster product and executive management
  • Roundtables and discussion groups around key areas of interest including demand response solutions, renewable energy, grid modernization, reliability, security and standards
  • Exhibits and demonstrations by top technology and service partners

What you’ll gain

Connect 2013 is the ideal environment for members of the utility industry to learn about innovative solutions. You will be surrounded by industry experts who can help you identify ways to drive additional value and ROI from your Smart Grid investments.

  • Expertise from your peers who have solved real problems with EnergyAxis
  • New relationships with key utility professionals from North America and beyond
  • Tips and strategies to enhance current AMI and Smart Grid initiatives
  • Ideas, opportunities and trends in the industry to help solve your complex issues
  • Forward-thinking strategies
  • Tangible best practices and methodologies
  • Practical, easy-to-apply advice and solutions to immediately improve efficiency, reliability, and customer service

Who should attend

Elster Connect 2013 is geared toward utility leaders, managers, directors and other professionals involved with the AMI and Smart Grid implementation or decision-making process. These individuals have responsibility and influence in many sectors of the utility industry and may be involved in any of the following areas:

  • AMI/Smart Grid
  • Water, Gas and Electric Services
  • Grid Reliability and Modernization
  • Loss Detection and Revenue Protection
  • Security
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Energy Supply, including Alternatives and Renewable Energy
  • Billing
  • Conservation/Demand Response
  • Consumer Service
Elster Connect 2013 is by far the best way to make sure you get the most from your utility’s investment in EnergyAxis. With 4 full days of training, sessions, demos, networking, and more, it's an event the most successful EnergyAxis project teams consider a can't-miss
Justify your trip!
If you have to first convince your management that it will be worth your time and the utility’s money to go, you're not alone. To help you out, we’ve created a justification memo to help you make your case. Download and customize the letter below as you see fit, adding immediate problems you'll be able to solve and long-term initiatives you'll be able to implement. Chances are you'll be able to do those things…and more! Click here to view a sample Justification Letter.

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