Tuesday, April 15, 2014
DoubleTree Hotel 
Milford, MA
Every day, senior citizens are subject to financial exploitation from strangers, friends, acquaintances, even trusted family members. These abusers will improperly exhaust resources resulting in significant financial loss for the elder(s). Often afraid to speak up out of fear or embarrassment, the victim will allow this behavior to continue until severe damage has been done.  We have seen all types of fraud rise in these recent, tough economic times, so the potential for this kind of abuse is stronger than ever. Now, a required reporting category on the Suspicious Activity Report under the Bank Secrecy Act, tracking this type of exploitation exists at the national level. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about controlling this sad and growing issue.

“Preventing, Detecting and Addressing Elder Financial Abuse” has been designed to showcase a variety issues related to this topic – red flags to look for, current scams to be aware of, as well as an overview of products and services available including reverse mortgages and a successful volunteer assistance program.  Massachusetts specifically has the “Credit Union Reporting Project” which outlines methods for reporting the abuse to an appropriate responder.