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Course # 69 Educational Diversity – Instructor

Henri Robert Neree, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Henri has a Ph.D. in Governmental Finance Candidate at Walden University. He holds an MBA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. His undergraduate studies in Journalism & Mass Communication were completed at Florida International University

Henri has been the WIA Educational Minority Specialist for NWTC for the past 3 years. In his role he has assisted low income and dislocated workers in obtaining their educational and employment goals. He has developed programs to help bridge the socio-economic gaps of minorities in Green Bay by focusing on their social and employment needs. More recently he has been developing a pilot program with the Workforce Development Board to facilitate the reintegration of minority ex-offenders into the community.

He has also been an Adjunct instructor for NWTC teaching Communication, Critical Thinking and Educational Diversity #69. Henri brings a fresh twist to his teaching experience, from challenging the status quo of stereotypes to dissecting the very foundation of ethnocentrism.  

In addition to his work experience with NWTC, Henri is also the Senior Accountant/Controller for JPEG Graphics & Haitiens Aujourd’hui Magazine. His roles require that he keeps a fresh view of the world, all while meeting the demands of his surroundings.

Henri is committed to providing a quality, interesting, and enlightening learning experience. Be ready to enjoy your learning experience, all while being challenged to form a philosophical view of Diversity.

To contact Henri, you can phone him at 920-448-7214 or via email at HRNeree@mac.com or HenriRobert.Neree@NWTC.edu.