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Course #52 - Teaching Methods
            CERT52A - Basic Presentation Skills/Strategies/Techniques
            CERT52B - Basic Teaching Methods
            CERT52C - Advanced Teaching Methods

Prepares participants to create a performance-based instructional environment that helps learners maximize learning.  Participants will develop or enhance skills to promote active learning by using varied instructional methodologies.   

When:     This is a non-credit, independent study offering.  Independent study with individual or group projects, optional small group interaction, etc. You and your facilitator will work together to decide what format works best for you. Each activity meets a 2-credit certification requirement. 

There are no start date limitations. The end date should be within the semester of registration, unless an agreement is reached between the student and the facilitator to extend the end date.  The independent study format is not CBT or on-line. Course materials and completed assignments are usually sent via email, but could be done via USPS if the student does not have access to email.
Instructor:      Mary LeBrun

Cost:               $150.00 (Includes course materials)

To register, open the attached registration form link, and send the completed form with your check to:

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