"Excellent program...
recommend this to anyone in the credit union,
whether they have been there
one month or ten years...very educational!"

Credit Union

Employee Boot Camp

Credit Union Employee Boot Camp is a one-day Certificate Program designed to provide "basic training" on day-to-day matters regularly seen in the credit union. Our program presents an overview of key areas that enables attendees to better assist members with their transactions and questions. Although specifically created for new tellers, member service representatives and back office clerks, many long term credit union employees - including managers - have benefited from the topics discussed and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and familial interaction with employees from other credit unions.


Topics Include:


  • Credit Union History and Terms

  • Professional Standards   Communication with Members

  • Security   Cash Handling, Robbery, Identity Theft, Confidentiality

  • Negotiable Instruments  

  • Account Titles   Personal Accounts, Trust Accounts, Business Accounts

  • Compliance Overview   Truth-in-Savings, Regs B, CC, E, 
    Bank Secrecy Act/USA PATRIOT Act

  • Cross-Selling   Basic Sales Vocabulary