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Join Us for a "Network-Member Only" event
featuring the Credit Union National Association Economist
Mike Schenk
DoubleTree Hotel, Westborough, MA
October 24, 2013

A national conference favorite and CUNA Environmental Scan contributor, Mike Schenk will share the economic look-back, and more importantly, will share a forecast for what lies ahead for credit unions in the upcoming months. Mike delivers a tremendous amount of information but does so in a way that is easy to comprehend and to put to use. Regardless of your role or function within the credit union, this compelling and insightful presentation will better prepare you for the strategic discussions that lead to the decisions that will impact the future of your credit union. You don’t want to miss this exceptional opportunity.
The Economy and Credit Union Operations
Mike Schenk, Vice President of Economics
Credit Union National Association
The greatest economic crisis since the great depression has changed the political and financial landscape and has altered consumer behavior – perhaps for generations to come. While the crisis is clearly over and the economy is growing, the shifts that began as the crisis mounted will have enduring effects on depository institutions. This presentation will assess how these shifts and how the changing economic outlook will shape credit union operating and financial results into 2014.