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How Am I Doing?
Helping you prepare for retirement and address conflicting savings needs, this seminar reviews and answers such questions as:
  • "Am I saving enough for retirement?"
  • "How can I save more?"
  • "Am I investing appropriately to meet my goals?"
  • "Should I consider changing my investment mix?"

Also discussed is the importance of organizing personal financial information, setting personal financial goals and devising tolerable investing strategies to help meet those goals.

Investing for Life's Goals 
Reviewing the basic concepts and strategies that you should grasp in order to make reasonable investment decisions, topics include:
  • How to define your goals and time horizon
  • Understanding risk and return trade-off
  • Diversification across different asset classes
  • The importance of watching expenses
  • Case studies of typical investor strategies

Save for Tomorrow. Start Today.
Discussing the importance of planning early for retirement, this seminar:
  • Emphasizes the importance of planning early for retirement plan contributions
  • Explores how a sound understanding of asset allocation principles can play a significant role in the management of your individual financial objectives
  • Offers five principles to help you save for retirement

Your Retirement, A Personal Journey 
Examining retirement planning at all stages, this seminar:
  • Helps identify savings gaps that can prevent participants from reaching their retirement goals
  • Demonstrates how important it is to choose income options based on individual needs
  • Provides a comprehensive discussion of income options
Tomorrow in Focus
No matter how old or young you are, or where you are in your career, your retirement begins when you start saving for it. Join us for an interactive exploration of retirement saving and learn how to help create an effective plan to help maximize your retirement potential.

Your workshop leader will help you:

  • Understand the real benefit of time in regards to saving
  • Learn the essential features of retirement investments
  • Gain the confidence you need to create or modify your own retirement plan 
Financial Guide for Women
Focusing on key aspects of managing one’s finances while incorporating issues that are of particular interest to women, this seminar covers:
  • Evaluating your financial health
  • Setting financial goals
  • Making your money work for you
  • Your plan: putting it all together
Five Habits of Highly Successful Investors
Providing you with a fundamental knowledge of investing that will help get you started, this seminar covers:
  • Setting financial goals
  • Realizing tax advantages
  • Reducing risk with diversification
  • Allocating assets
  • Understanding expenses
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