We are so excited to be offering this joint event for our Alaska Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG). This event will include our third face-to-face meeting for our SPF SIG Advisory Council and Workgroups; and our first face-to-face training with our FY12 Strategic Prevention Framework Community Grantees. We are planning four (4) very full days to build a strong partnership between the Division of Behavioral Health, the Advisory Council and Workgroups, the Community Prevention Support Team (CPST), the Evaluation Team and our six (6) SPF community grantees.


Day 1 (October 10) -- For Advisory Council and Workgroup members only. This day will include a morning meeting of the Alaska Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ACPUD) and an afternoon meeting of the Advisory Council and all workgroup members.


Day 2 (October 11) -- For Advisory Council/Workgroup members and Grantees. Day 2 will begin at 8:00 a.m. with a breakfast meeting that will include our grantees, the CPST and the SPF SIG evaluators, the Statewide SPF SIG Advisory Council and our Workgroup members. The morning will include grantee presentations and a keynote address by Scott Waller from the State of Washington discussing fidelity to the SPF process. After lunch the grantee training will begin with Ms. Paula Feathers of the CPST, focusing on Step 1—Community Assessment. Advisory Council/Workgroup members are welcome to attend as much or as little of the Grantee Training as they wish—please note which days you will be attending when you register.


Days 3 (October 12) will be a continuation of Ms. Feathers’ intensive assessment training.  Day 4 (October 13) will begin with an overview of the role of the Community Prevention Support Team and then dividing the group into different activities that will include grantees meeting individually with members of the CPST, to begin developing training/TA assessments and plans and training and TA from our evaluation team on next steps and expectations for the state and cross-site evaluations.

The training will be held at the Egan Center in downtown Anchorage and a block of hotel rooms will be available at the Hilton Hotel (click on “HOTEL” above).  Please make sure that everyone attending registers for this meeting. This will guarantee we have name tags for everyone, as well as enough space, materials and food & beverages.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the work of Alaska’s Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant, and to the prevention and reduction of alcohol use among our youth and adult populations. Together we are making a difference for all Alaskans. 

See you soon!


L. Diane Casto, MPA
Prevention Manager
DHSS, Division of Behavioral Health