Sharpening Your
Business Writing Skills
Presented by Joyce Jamroz 

“Our speaker, Joyce Jamroz, worked very hard to bring relevant and interesting material and her expertise made for a day that ‘flew by’…we are grateful.”

                                                                      - PAST CREDIT UNION ATTENDEE

This meeting has been canceled. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Credit Union Center
Marlborough, MA
Consider how much writing you do each day. Email, memos, letters, reports, meeting minutes,performance reviews … and more!  In today’s fast-paced world, where readers don’t have time to plod through a lot of information, we need to get our message across clearly and concisely.  Writing that’s organized, purposeful, and reader-oriented helps you effectively inform and persuade others and, lets them know you’re an intelligent, competent professional. In this workshop, we’ll preview the three phases of effective writing (pre-writing, writing, and revising) and why each is important. Then, we’ll dive deeper into writing tips, strategies, and principles that will help you be a more clear, efficient, and confident writer.

Here are the key topics we’ll cover: 

• Plan your writing:  who is your reader and what is your purpose?
• How to organize information to help your reader.
• Tips for overcoming writer’s block.
• The importance of tone and the attitude it conveys.
• Common grammar and writing mistakes.
• How to make your writing clear and concise.
• Improve your writing by using strong verbs.
• Reader-friendly formatting to highlight key information.
• Special considerations for writing emails.
• Special considerations for writing performance reviews.

Please bring two samples of business writing (or email) to use in workshop exercises.