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"Making Your Restorative Nursing Program Work"
For Your Residents & Your Facility

2012 Dates & Locations
February 22-23, 2012 - Houston, TX
May 16-17, 2012 - Lubbock, Tx
October 23- Tyler, TX
The Tyler Restorative Session has been submitted to NAB for approval of up to 7 hours for LNFAs 

The Tyler Session will be the final offering of this course! 
Note: The class has been revised from a day and a half to a one day class!

For C.N.A.'s who deliver Restorative Nursing and the Nurses who develop and supervise Restorative Programs in Nursing Facilities. 

This great training is designed to help you develop and maintain a restorative nursing program that improves resident outcomes and meets CMS requirements to support the MDS 3.0 for Medicaid and Medicare Reimbursement. 

Why send staff????  For many reasons, including:

·        Restorative Aide Certification for CNA’s to support MDS 3.0 for Reimbursement,

·        Ensure your restorative minutes all count for RUG-IV calculations and Reimbursement,

·        Avoid restorative nursing scheduling and documentation pitfalls,

·        Tons of great handouts to use at your facility now,

·        Engage your residents thru more staff interaction!

·        Improve Resident Outcomes!!!

CNA’s get Restorative Aide Certification in up to 7 hours of restorative nursing techniques and skills to support the MDS 3.0 for Reimbursement.  Nurses receive training on how to develop and maintain a successful restorative program and on how to teach restorative techniques.   

CNA Restorative Nursing Certification
Seven hours of training and skill practice in the techniques of Restorative Nursing. This session will prepare your certified nursing assistants to deliver restorative nursing that can positively affect Medicaid and Medicare RUG-IV calculations. At the conclusion of the day, CNA's will receive a certificate for 7 hours of training and skill practice in restorative nursing techniques.  

RNs and Other Nurses who develop Restorative Nursing Programs
Four hours of examples and training on how to develop a successful restorative nursing program and what must be included in Restorative Plans of Care, Scheduling, CMS required Documentation, and MDS 3.0 Coding requirements to ensure that minutes of restorative nursing delivered are countable on the MDS 3.0 and in RUG calculations. This part of the session will provide up to 4 hours of contact hours for nurses.   

InstructorsLisa Walters, RN, BSN, Clinical Risk Manager/QA, Preferred Care Partners Management Group, Plano, TX; and Lisa M. Naeger, PT, Rehabilitation Education and Compliance Coordinator, RehabCare, The Woodlands, TX.