For participants who attended the training course either in person or via webstreaming, there have been a number of changes and updates to the handout materials. Please either correct any hard copies of the original training materials with the new information, or replace them with these new updated materials. Updated lectures are indicated by inclusion of a revision date on the title slide, a list of updated slides on the second slide, and individual slides are clearly marked with an “updated slide” symbol. Updated documents have revision dates on them. In addition, we’ve included a document that summarizes all the changes to the course materials.

The recordings of the live training sessions and advance copies of the NHSN Patient Safety Component Manual chapters for 2013 will be available on the NHSN website by late December, 2012 (

Questions about the training materials should be directed to and questions about the protocols should be directed to (be sure to indicate if the question is about 2013 rules or 2012 rules).

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NHSN Training Course Day 1(October 2, 2012)
NHSN Training Course Day 2(October 3, 2012)
NHSN Training Course Day 3(October 4, 2012)
Answer Sheets to Case Studies