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The 2009 Nonprofit Economic Climate:
Managing through the Downturn




There are crucial steps you can take now to be prepared for the economic climate.

In December 2008, Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) and the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) joined together to present a workshop that offered nonprofit leaders concrete tools to lead their organizations during this challenging time. The sponsors of the event, The Clark, Robin Hood, and Tiger foundations, have agreed to allow the tools and presentation for public download here.  To begin watching the 90 minute webinar review and downloading the tools, please scroll down.

Topics include: 

  • How the current market environment will affect nonprofits 
  • Practical scenario planning and modeling: how to develop smart,
    strategic responses
  • Recognizing the hidden opportunities to strengthen your standing
  • Revenue and expense considerations 
  • Cash flow management and managing credit
  • Role of the Executive Director and Board in leading the organization through a downturn

Participants will also come away with: 

  • Assessment tools and checklists to keep you grounded during crisis periods
  • List of critical issues to address with suggested prioritization

DOWNLOAD the powerpoint, webinar, tools, and event feedback here:

A. Powerpoint Handout

B. Webinar Recording
    The 90 minute on-demand webinar with discussion and tools

C. Tools:
1. Recession Checklist
   A financial checklist - understand your balance sheet, access
   liquidity, develop an organization response

2. Recession Tips
A recommended two-part strategy: assess your organization’s  
    potential financial risks,
 then create a plan to respond to
    those risks

3. Cash Flow template
   A cash flow spreadsheet to evaluate revenues, expenses,
   cash basis expenses, net cash excess/shortfall, and rolling cash

4. Financial Matters for Bankers
   A financial checklist to discuss with your banker

5. Reserve Options
   Reserve types, descriptions, and tips to determine the
   appropriate size for your organization

6. Scenario Planning Model

Cost Reduction Strategies
   A Tactical Approach to Potential Cost Strategies

8. Cost Containment Discussion
   Cost Saving Opportunities and Suggestions Example
   Beginning with Children Foundation

9. Scenario Planning Process
   A flow chart that takes a step by step look at your 
   approach to revenue, expenses, and the impact on the bottom
   line. Who should be involved? What do they need to consider?
   What is the focus?

10. Strategic Alliances Checklist
    Important questions to consider during a mergerImportant questions to consider during a merger or affiliation
D. Strategies and Top Action plan feedback from the over 100 nonprofit leader participants:
E. Related Articles and Information:
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