Team No Limits & the Modern Gypsies Host Expedition Impossible Finale-Watching Party


Date:  August 25, 2011
Time:  7:00 - 9:30 pm
Location:  The Lazy Dog, Boulder, Colorado
Please print your receipt and bring it to the door to serve as your ticket (use either the confirmation page after you register or your e-mail confirmation) - there will also be a list at the door just in case.
 Online registration is now CLOSED and we are SOLD OUT. Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!
They BOTH made it to the finals! No Limits & the Modern Gypsies will be hosting the finale-watching party fundraiser, so sign-up now. 

In 2001, Erik Weihenmayer became the first and only blind person to summit Mount Everest. Together, he and Jeff Evans have redefined “possible” as a world-class climbing team with only one pair of eyes. Right now, they find themselves reality television stars whose stunning success on a wild adventure race through Morocco has allowed them to bring the message about breaking barriers to an ever-wider audience. 




No Limits & the Modern Gypsies have been audience favorites on ABC’s Expedition Impossible since the reality TV show premiered on June 23.


Now both teams are in a strong position to win the race, and with it, more than $150,000 in prize money. The August 18 show narrowed the final field to 4 from the original 13 teams that began the dramatic trek across the fabled, rugged terrain of Morocco.


Team No Limits won’t reveal the final result, but say it’s “unbelievable” to have done so well among a field of strong contenders. They credit incredible teamwork and a collaborative, positive attitude, for their success. A quote from Erik Weihenmayer “In the beginning of Expedition Impossible, some of the teams said they were confident they'd beat the 'blind guy,' and Most of those teams have gone home by now. In week 9 we're thrilled to still be competing. I wouldn't be doing half as well without an outstanding team supporting me. I owe so much to friends and teammates, Jeff and Ike.” 

On Thursday, August 25 from 7:00 - 9:30 pm, No Limits teammates Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans and Aaron “Ike” Isaacson and the Modern Gypsies teammates John Post, Eric Bach and Taylor Filasky host a finale-watching party like no other. This fundraiser is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at the The Lazy Dog. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for those under 18 years.  Proceeds will benefit No Barriers USA and Free the Children


No Barriers USA is a non-profit that inspires people with challenges to live more fully through an introduction to adaptive outdoor adventures, cutting-edge assistive technologies, education and hands-on demonstrations, and the arts. No Barriers’ two main programs are the No Barriers Summit, a 4-day biennial event that brings together adventure, technology, and the arts; and Soldiers to the Summit, a program which gives wounded veterans the tools and confidence to discover their own path to healing by climbing a mountain peak. 

The Modern Gypsies’ mission is to start a unique movement, which inspires individuals to explore both themselves and the world around them, awakening the compassionate adventurer in us all. The Modern Gypsies raise awareness, generate funds and work to not only expose, but address the many challenges faced by the impoverished world. 
How the Modern Gypsies formed (John Post, Eric Bach and Taylor Filasky): Traveling is more than just an adventure... it's also about giving back. Traveling with compassion is one of the Modern Gypsies' core values. We are more than just wanderers; we are inspiring individuals to explore themselves and the world around them while making a difference. 
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