The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program is proud to announce its first annual Spring Symposium at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, California on March 27-29, 2012.

All are invited to attend this meeting which will feature research presentations from our NIAC Phase I Fellows. Topics will include: Propulsion & Power, Space Debris Removal, NEO Mitigation, Humans in Space & On Planetary Surfaces, Robotics & Space Probes, and Imaging & Communications. Keynote presentations will be given from experts in aeronautics and advanced technologies and further information will be discussed regarding the latest news about NIAC's exciting progress and plans.


The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), seeks innovative, technically credible advanced concepts that could one day change the possible in aeronautics and space. The development of revolutionary aerospace technologies is critical for our nation to meet its goals, to explore and understand the Earth, our solar system, and the universe. NIAC efforts will improve the Nation's leadership in key research areas, enable far-term capabilities, and spawn disruptive innovations that make aeronautics, science, space travel, and exploration more effective, affordable, and sustainable. NIAC is a component of the Space Technology Program within NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist.