Curricular Innovation Through the Lens of Project Based Learning
December 23-26
Ritz-Carlton Phoenix
Conference Co-Chairs, Marisa Kaiser, RJE and Rabbi Sara Mason-Barkin invite you to join with your fellow NATE colleagues and educators to examine how Project Based Learning can lead to innovation in Jewish Educational settings.
The conference will kick off at 2:00 PM Sunday with a presentation and conversation with Ron Berger, author of An Ethic of Excellence. Berger, a visionary in the field of education, will share his own experiences with Project Based Learning.
Our learning continues with presentations from Dr. Michael Zeldin and Dr. Robert Weinberg. With them, we will think deeply about how Project Based Learning can be utilized in our unique educational settings, and how to successfully steer our institutions towards innovative change that begins with curriculum.
A primary motivation for curricular change is moving from a focus on content to a focus on character. We want our students to come through our programs understanding how to live Jewish values in their everyday lives. During day three of our conference, we will explore the connection between curricular innovation and character education. with Dr. Jeffrey Kress.
We will spend our final day together examining "models that work." Rabbi Bradley Solmsen will process with us as we learn from one another about taking the first steps in rethinking curricula and the process of focusing our students' Jewish learning on their relationships with one another, their communities, and themselves.
Welcoming Educational Leaders into Reform Congregations
December 21-23
Ritz-Carlton Phoenix
Pre-Conference Chair, Debbie Massarano welcomes those educators in the first 3 years of their educational leadership post to share in the collective wisdom, practical and theoretical, Jewish and secular, that will help you to feel more comfortable and successful in your new (or relatively new) professional home.
Jewish tradition teaches an enduring understanding that "all beginnings are difficult." Nevertheless, there are ways in which beginning a position as an educational leader can be made less difficult. Some of the essential questions we will address in the Pre-Conference Kallah include:
•  What shared challenges do congregational educational leaders face?
•  How can you use your beginning to maximize benefit to you and the congregation?
•  How can a new authority balance leadership and service?
•  What partnerships are vital in building an educational team?
•  Why is an educational vision significant to you and the congregation?