The LEADER Consortium: Launching Equity in the Academy Across the Dayton Entrepreneurial Region

The LEADER Consortium, funded by the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program, is a partnership of four diverse institutions
 of higher education in the Dayton (Ohio) region: the Air Force Institute of Technology, Central State University, University of Dayton, and Wright State University.

About the NSF Third Year Site Visit

Why does NSF want to visit our program?

The purpose of the site visit is to assess our program’s performance and progress to date. These assessments are an important opportunity to learn about the impact of our consortium’s activities and identify opportunities for future improvement.


Who and what will be involved in the site visit?

The NSF Advance program will send a team of 6 individuals to visit our program to conduct the interviews. All questions will be posed by members of the NSF Site Visit Team. All responses will remain confidential and anonymous.


The site visit includes a day and a half of meetings and interviews between the NSF Site Visit Team and constituents from the LEADER Consortium. Interviews will be scheduled with individuals across a number of institutional roles, including administrators, faculty members, and direct participants in LEADER Consortium events and programs.


Where will the site visit take place?

The site visit will take place in the Student Union at Wright State University (WSU).


Reserved parking will be provided in a lot adjacent to the building to facilitate participation.


A hospitality suite will be available for participants to wait in a quite location before/between sessions; coffee, food, and other treats will be provided.


What exactly would my participation involve?

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to respond to a few questions posed by members of the NSF Site Visit Team. All interviews will last approximately 30-45min and will be held in groups of 6-8 individuals. Ideally, we hope to recruit individuals who represent all four of our consortium’s institutions to participate in each interview.


What is in it for me/my institution?

Your participation will, of course, cost a small amount of your time. We hope, however, that you will appreciate the potential importance of participating for you and your institution. You may benefit by learning more about the consortium and how its efforts may facilitate your own professional goals in the coming years. Your institution will gain the benefit of learning your perspective on issues related to gender equity in the STEM disciplines and whether our consortium’s efforts are promoting that equity.


How do I register?

To RSVP and register for sessions, please click on the Registration link to the left. Upon submitting your registration, you will have the opportunity to print a page summarizing your responses and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


Reminder e-mails will be sent to participants approximately 1-2 days prior to scheduled interviews. Be sure to check your e-mail.


What if I register and something comes up? Can I cancel an interview?

In the event you need to cancel an interview, please let us know at least 3-4 days in advance to allow time to identify a replacement. Please click on the Contact link to the left to send an e-mail to the event organizers if you need to cancel an interview.