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Limited, walk-up registration available starting Friday, November 5
at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

I am grateful to be asked to speak at the PCA Global Missions Conference because I'm hungry to be with people that I look up to and admire. Many of them are doing international missions as a lifestyle, putting themselves at a disadvantage by learning a new language and a new culture. They have also chosen to be servants, "to serve rather than be served," just as Jesus did.  My hunger is to be with people who will not leave me the same when I've been with them.  — Joe Novenson
I am personally delighted that you are planning to join us for our 2010 PCA Global Missions Conference. We look forward to a rich experience of discovery, worship, prayer, and increased commitment to Christ and the coming of His kingdom. It promises to be a great time of mutual encouragement as we worship Jesus Christ, the hope of nations. Would you also join us in praying earnestly that God will direct and bless this effort-and that it would bring glory to Him alone? — Paul Kooistra

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