The Global Information Network Membership Overview Meeting 
May 20, 2013
Stratford, NJ
GIN Membership Overview Meetings

The Global Information Network is pleased to offer local Membership Overview Meetings now conducted in various languages and expanding locations throughout the world!

These meetings are open to all guests and prospects and we encourage you to bring as many people as you like. They will learn about all of the amazing, and expanding benefits of GIN!   

Here are a few important reasons why you should attend:

1.       You can meet other like-minded GIN Members & Affiliates and build uplifting new business and personal relationships.

2.       You can bring your guests and not only let a GIN expert explain the benefits of GIN, but also answer any questions they may have.

3.       The meetings are FREE of charge!

You have nothing to lose by attending and plenty to gain! 

And, at these local meetings, you will ...

  • Stay current on the benefits of membership
  • Be shown how to get financial freedom and make money with the GIN Affiliate program so you can have, be, or do anything
  • Find out exactly what someone will get in return for their initiation fee and monthly dues
  • Get all your questions answered by one of our training experts
  • And much more!

We also encourage you to register for these meetings.  Space is limited and fills up quickly!

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