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          Exploring Humanitarian Law 
    Summer Institute
                     June 25-28, 2012                             

Respect for Life and Human Dignity

Organized by the American Red Cross International Services Department

with support from the Anne Ray Charitable Trust


Scholarships available

"[The program] creates within the individual… a sensitivity to what happens in the world… [and] begins to change their moral compass. Students start to ask themselves important questions…“
if I act or if I don’t act, what will be the consequences?”…Students become more conscious of their responsibilities—to their family members, their neighbors, their communities, the entire world.”
-- Ibe Crawley, Whitman Middle School, Alexandria, VA; 2011 EHL Summer Institute participant

"A lot of the EHL curriculum is geared towards getting kids to think. And I think that the message of EHL can help bridge that gap from a lack of empathy and having empathy in our students today.”
Richard Gilbert, At Risk/Inner City Youth Teacher, Los Angeles Area, CA; 2009 EHL Summer Institute participant
“The EHL Institute and material were invaluable in teaching humanitarian laws and their ramifications to today’s students. The diversity of the written material, primary source documents, videos and personalized activities brings a topic that is difficult to grasp for students to a workable playing field”.
-- High School Teacher; 2010 EHL Summer Institute participant