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Engage: Faith & Science
Friday, August 23
6:30-8:30 p.m.
The Johnson Board Room in Robertson Hall 
on the Campus of Butler University 
4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis 
Have you had the impression that faith and science are mutually exclusive? That believing in God and taking religion seriously means "checking your brain at the door" and dismissing scientific evidence? Or that being a true scientist means treating religion as a foolish thing of the past?
Join University of Indianapolis Professor of Biology Dr. John Langdon and former microbiologist/current pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church Rev. Christine Wulff to discuss the intersection of these two important topics.
Our featured speakers will address some of the apparent conflicts between faith and science and how they have navigated these conflicts in their own lives and work; they will also tackle some of the most pressing ethical issues facing the realm of science and dialogue about how different faith perspectives could helpfully weigh in on such matters.
Dr. John Langdon, Professor of Biology and Anthropology at the University of Indianapolis, studies human origins, human biology, and the history of science.  He is the author of four books and numerous academic papers.  Currently a member of Servants of Christ Lutheran Church, he has engaged students and fellow parishioners in issues of bioethics and the relationship between evolution and faith.
Christine Wulff began her vocational journey by working in several laboratories. After obtaining her Bachelors and then doctoral degree from Cornell University in Ithaca NY, Dr. Wulff was an active researcher at the University of Kentucky for over a decade in both the biochemistry and the microbiology departments. By 2011 that same vocational journey led her to complete her Masters of Divinity degree at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC. She now serves as the pastor of Cross and Crown Lutheran Church in Indianapolis.
There will be plenty of time for your questions, too, so be sure to come with whatever issues you think are most important to address! 
Space is limited for this FREE event, so register now to be part of the conversation. On-site registration will be available only if the event does not fill up in advance. Food will be provided.
This event is held in partnership with the Indiana-Kentucky Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaGrace Unlimited: A Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry in Indianapolis; and Community of the Living Spirit