Discover CATCH Training

Aaron Family JCC of Dallas
7900 Northhaven Road
Dallas, TX 75230

February 11 - 13, 2014

It’s much easier to create
good health habits than it is
to change bad ones.

That’s the simple premise behind Discover CATCH: Early Childhood, the new child wellness program from JCC Association that seeks to bring the gift of healthy habits to the very youngest members of the community—and their families.
Based on a foundation of Jewish values, Discover: CATCH Early Childhood nurtures a love of physical activity in children ages 3 to 5, and encourages them to develop life-long healthy eating habits.

Children learn to have fun while exercising and developing locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills in a series of age-appropriate, non-competitive activities. They learn to differentiate between “go” foods (healthy) and “whoa” foods (less healthy—approach with caution).

Discover CATCH: Early Childhood employs a holistic approach to child health. It involves the JCC’s Early Childhood, Health and Fitness, Family Engagement and Jewish Life departments, and engages teachers, children and families to work together to build healthy habits. A series of parent tip sheets brings the learning home from school, helps families think more carefully about food and nutrition.

Together, through Discover CATCH: Early Childhood, we can create an environment where physical activity, health education, and healthy eating behaviors are valued and taught... and help put the community’s youngest members on a lifelong path of health and caring for their bodies.