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DARPA will be hosting a Proposers' Day for the Mining and Understanding Software Enclaves (MUSE) program on Friday, March 7, 2014 at the DARPA Conference Center in Arlington, VA.  This conference is in support of the MUSE Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) DARPA-BAA-14-22.

The goal of the Mining and Understanding Software Enclaves program (MUSE) is to realize foundational advances in the way software is built, debugged, verified, maintained, and understood.  Central to its approach is the application of mining techniques on semantic artifacts produced as the output of varied program analyses applied to a large and diverse multi-lingual software corpus.  The program seeks the application of ideas underlying big data analytics to infer and generate useful non-trivial specifications and protocols from this mining activity, leveraging the knowledge gleaned therein to facilitate new mechanisms for dramatically improving software reliability, and realizing radically different approaches for discovering, repairing, and constructing complex software.  Achieving this goal will enable significant advances in the design and implementation of systems capable of automated software repair, component-based program synthesis, and other specification-driven optimizations and functionality.

The purpose of the MUSE Proposers' Day is threefold:

1. To familiarize participants with DARPA's interest in program analysis, verification, and big data analytics for inferring, specifying, discovering, and understanding properties of complex software systems.

2. To identify potential proposers and promote understanding of the anticipated MUSE BAA proposal requirements.

3. To promote discussion of synergistic capabilities among potential program participants.

Please note that attendance is limited to 2 people per proposal team.