Online Evaluation

Use the link below to access the program evaluation.  Select the day you wish to evaluate.  You may opt to evaluate each day at the end of the day or complete the entire evaluation at the conclusion of your attendance.  Program Evaluation will be available after 3pm on June 19, 2008.

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Gabriel Escobar MD - Outline on Population-Wide Mortality Risk Prediction.doc
Jeanne Twohig MPA - Outline for Integrating Spirituality in Caring.doc
NancySeibolt MD-Bibliography-Its_in_Gods_Hands.doc
Becky Niemeyer - Additional Bibliographical References.pdf
Cynthia Leipold Lori Abramson-Behavioral_Interview_Questions.pdf
Cynthia Leipold - Lori Abramson - On-boarding Palliative Care Clinicians.pdf
Cynthia Leipold - Lori Abramson - Onboarding Pallative Care Clinicians Hiring and Orienting to Fit.pdf
Cynthia Leipold - Lori Abramson - Social Worker Skills checklist.pdf
Daniel Keatinge MD - Challenges in Inpatient Communication_The Angry Family.pdf
Daniel Keatinge MD-Box Recommendations for Conducting a Family Meeting.pdf
Daniel Keatinge MD-Four Habits Model for the Hospital Setting.pdf
Daniel Keatinge MD- Family Conference Prep Sheet.pdf
Hawaii Group from Laurie Chang - The Music of Palliative Care.pdf
John Brookey MD and Suzanne Graham RN PhD - Health Literacy.pdf
Kathleen Broglio - Clinical Interviewing Pain and Non-pain Symptoms.pdf
Laura Watt RN - A Passion for Partnership-Forging New Paths.pdf
Lin Noyes Simon - Handout.pdf
Lin Noyes Simon - Enhancing End of Life Care for Persons with Dementia Resources.pdf
Margaret Campbell PhD-Can we _see_symptoms of distress.pdf
Marilyn Williams- Bibliography for Geriatrics for the Non-Geriatritian.pdf
Mario Milch MD - Bibliography for Malignant and Terminal Pain workshop.pdf
Mario Milch MD-Malignant and Terminal Pain.pdf
Paul Feigenbaum MD - Using IHI 2X2 Grid to assess Palliative Care Opptys v4.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - Home Based Palliative Care.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - -30 Day Recert Form 0599_.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - 911 Unplanned Admit UR Tool 0408.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - Berwick IHI- 20 Improvements in End of Life Care.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - End of Life Care Checksheet.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - Guiding Principles for Hospice Home Health and Palliative Care Outline.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - H Comfort Pak order and fax.pdf
Richard Brumley MD - Home Based Palliative Care Workshop.pdf
Richard Della Penna MD - Are We There Yet Progress on Inpatient Palliative Care Spread.pdf
Sandy Kakiuchi - Palliative Nursing Rounds - Education Staff Nurses in Acute Care.pdf

Recently added handouts June 11, 2008
C Porter Storey Jr MD - Palliative Care Storey 6-10-08.pdf
David Sobel MD - Strengthening Medication Adherence.pdf
Kathleen McGrady MD - Palliative Care in the ICU.pdf
Kathleen McGrady MD-Advanced Interdisciplinary Hospital Based Palliative Care Consults.pdf
Kathleen McGrady MD-Basics of Interdisciplinary Hospital Based Palliative Care Consults.pdf
Lea Price PharmD - Opioid Side Effects- A Closer Look final 6_9.pdf
Margaret Campbell PhD - References.doc
Marilyn Williams MS RN - Geriatrics for the Non-Geriatrician 5102007.pdf

Recently added handouts July 7, 2008
Andy Kyler and Arthur Hayward - KP Cares.pdf
Andy Kyler RN and Carol Barnes - NW Region Adult Foster Home Program ppt.pdf
Arthur Hayward and Andy Kyler - IT in CCS.pdf
Assisted Living Facilities.pdf
C Porter Storey Jr MD - Palliative Care Storey 6-10-08.pdf
Carla Ficke MDiv-Its All In Gods Hands.pdf
Carol Groves - Guided Care.pdf
Continuing Care Presentation.pdf
Implementing Delirium Best Practices.pdf
Improving EOL Care for African Americans.pdf
Joanne Lynn - Trustworthy Care.pdf
Joanne Lynn_Beyond the Pale - KP June 2008.pdf
Marsha Arnold RN and Shelly Garone MD - A Model of Outpatient Palliative Care.pdf
Next Steps - Developing Office-based Palliative Care.pdf
Replacement for Laura Watt RN - A Passion for Partnership 3.pdf
The POLST Paradigm.pdf
William Schwab MD - Advanced Care Panel.pdf
William Schwab MD - Advanced Care Panel 2.pdf

Handouts added July 10, 2008

Lin Noyes Simon RN PhD-Elizabeth Gould MSW - Optimizing Care for Persons with Dementia.pdf
Mark Blum MD Prognosis part 1.pdf
Mark Blum MD-Prognosis part 2.pdf
Mark Blum MD-Prognosis part 2.pdf
William Schwab MD - The Advanced Care Panel - recd 6-16.pdf

Handouts added July 17, 2008

Frances Spector - Palliative Sedation Slides 6-08.pdf
Israel Coutin MD - Behavioral Problems in Dementia - for Web Site.pdf

Please join us for the 3rd National Geriatrics and Palliative Care Symposium.

The symposium is designed to bring together health care providers caring for elderly patients and those with advanced illness across all venues of care and to improve communication with patients, their caregivers and families.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Planning Committee:

Kathleen McGrady, MD - CPMG, Co-Chair
Sandra Welgreen, MD - SCPMG, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Beane, MD - TPMG
Richard Della Penna, MD - Care Management Institute
Helene Martel, MA - Care Management Institute