August 20, 2009
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Harold Heinze, ANGDA
Gary Scott, Thompson & Co. PR,
Alaska cancels international
 petrochemical conference

ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA) announced today that it is cancelling a conference scheduled for next month that was designed to lure global petrochemical companies to Alaska.  The Alaska Natural Gas Value-Added Manufacturers Conference was planned for September 29-30 in Anchorage.

The conference was designed to present the opportunities afforded by Alaska’s 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas for petrochemical manufacturing. Conference organizers will instead take their message on the road, visiting manufacturing companies to spread the word about the manufacturing potential in Southcentral Alaska.

“We’ve identified the right opportunities and right partners for Alaska natural gas,” said conference organizer and ANGDA CEO Harold Heinze. “We’ll spend the next few weeks developing an alternative game plan to gain the attention of the value-added manufacturing industry. It would have been nice to show off Alaska from the home field, but manufacturers have tightened belts recently and aren’t traveling as much for conferences and industry events.”

The conference was timed around an anticipated “open season” for North Slope natural gas in the summer of 2010. Organizers had hoped to use the conference to introduce the new supply to global manufacturers and interest them in the industrial potential of Southcentral Alaska. Instead, personal visits will be made over the next several months to recruit participants for the open season.

ANGDA is a public corporation created by the people of Alaska through a 2002 general election ballot initiative. The corporation is focused on delivering North Slope natural gas to Alaskan communities and identifying feasible LNG opportunities for the State of Alaska. Since 2003 ANGDA has worked within the Alaska Department of Revenue with the support of the state legislature and administration.


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