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Account Essentials

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Credit Union Center
Marlborough, MA



Have you ever wondered who should truly be calling the shots on a given account or trust?

If this is the case, this program on Account Essentials may be perfect for you or any of your employees looking for the answers to these questions.

All your credit union personnel should have a basic understanding of the many aspects of accounts and account ownership. The following topics will be discussed throughout this program: 

§         Member vs. Account Owner

§         Terminology

§         Taxpayer Identification Number

§         Account Titles

§         NCUA Insurance Coverage

Account Essentials has been developed to help credit unions learn the ins and outs of Accounts, Trusts, and the like. In this full-day session, Bill Nagle, Senior Vice President of Credit Union Training and Resource Delivery and Charlotte Whatley, Director of Research and Compliance, will cover common aspects of account ownership including:

§         Single Party Ownership

§         Multiple Party Ownership

§         Trust Ownership

§         Business Ownership

§         Minor Account Ownership

§         Review of Account Fiduciaries
§         NCUA Insurance Coverage