The 26th Annual Leadership Skills Training Program for Chief Residents Dates of 2013 Workshops

Each workshop is designed to introduce the essential skills required for rising and current chief residents to develop enhanced self awareness and learn leadership concepts which increase individual effectiveness in a leadership role.

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Pediatric Chief Resident Leadership Skills Training Program (3 1/2 Day agenda) 3 locations in 2013 

The ACGME is pleased to sponsor the continuation of the longstanding successful Annual Leadership Skills Training Program designed exclusively for Pediatric Chief Residents. As in the past, the experiential workshops consist of small-group sessions and exercises offering the incoming chief residents the tools, skills and learning environment to enhance their understanding of interpersonal communication and group dynamics.

Multi-Specialty Chief Residents Leadership Skills Training Program (2 1/2 day agenda) 4 locations in 2013

The 2 1/2 day experiential program covers development of participants self-awareness and their strengths and weaknesses as leaders as well as skills critical to success and satisfaction as both a clinician and leader which includes how to effectively manage conflict, give and receive constructive feedback, and handle stresses of  a chief resident role.

Multi-Specialty Chief Residents Leadership Skills Training Program (3 1/2 day agenda) 3 locations in 2013 held at ACGME Headquarters


 The 3 1/2 day experiential program builds on the  2 1/2 day agenda and duplicates the successful workshop offered to rising Pediatric Chief residents for the past 25 years. Participants are provided additional time to explore more deeply the skills necessary to enhance their leadership effectiveness as well as opportunity to build relationships with peers from other residency programs.


April 16 - 19, Redondo Beach, CA
May 1 - 4, Jacksonville, FL (Sold Out)
June 10 - 13, Philadelphia, PA (Sold Out)
March 12 - 14, Philadelphia, PA
April 23 - 25, Redondo Beach, CA
May 6 - 8, Jacksonville, FL
(Sold Out)

June 4 - 6, Philadelphia, PA (Sold Out)
April 3 - 6, Chicago, IL
May 14 - 17, Chicago, IL (Sold Out)
July 9 - 12, Chicago, IL (Sold Out)
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