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Welcome to the housing reservation site for Wing Ding 35 – Greenville

Online Hotel Reservations have closed. If you need lodging you will need to contact the hotels directly to reserve your room. There is no guarantee of receiving the group rate on rooms reserved directly with the hotels. A complete list of hotels with their addresses and phone numbers can be found on the reservation page.



For a printable color map of Greenville’s hotels, click here.  And, click here to learn more about Greenville and all that we have to offer during your stay!

Housing/Reservations Contact:
Email: Reservations@wvtt.com
Fax:  865-862-0302

Mailing Address:   WVTT Housing Services
6601 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

 Printable Hotel list with map & RV/Campgrounds with map.
              RV Parks and Campgrounds must be contacted directly for reservations.

WVTT Housing Services